SUKMA 2010

[table nl=”~~”]NO, Athlete, Event, Medal
1 , Team Kata Male~~Farlin Frederick~~Alvin Anthony~~Hazwan Nafeez Iskhandar, Tema Kata, Gold
2, Philip Shang Jeun Nan, Kumite -84kg, Gold
3, Mohd Azuhansyah, Individu Kata, Silver
4, Leong Tze Ming, Kumite -60kg, Silver
5, Mathavan A/L Vickneswaran, Kumite -75kg, Silver
6, Zyen Faiezane Dullie Marie, Individu Kata, Silver
7, Zyen Faiezane Dullie Marie, Kumite -68kg, Bronze
8, Team Kata Female~~Fiora Erika Richard~~Azlina Nelson~~Ryana Chong, Team Kata, Bronze
9, Tseu Nyuk Yin, Kumite -45kg, Bronze
10, Norlinah Fredoline, Kumite -50kg, Bronze
11, Nur Syafida Arifin, Kumite -50kg, Bronze
12, Vera Casandra Denis, Kumite -55kg, Bronze[/table]

AKF Cadet, Junior & Under 21 Karate Championship, Hong Kong 2010

[table]NO, Athlete, Event, Medal
1, Nurhazerah Abd Malek, Cadet Kumite -45kg, Bronze[/table]


[table]NO, Athlete, Event, Medal
1, Nurhazerah Binti Abd Malek, Kumite Cadet -45kg, Gold
2, Aaron Xavier Emban, Kumite Cadet +70kg, Gold
3, Nur Syafiqah Bte Arifin, Kumite Junior -48kg, Gold
4, Jan Eldear Januar, Kumite Cadet -70kg, Gold[/table]

[table nl=”~~”]NO, Athlete, Event, Medal
1, Reginald Alexander~~Farlin Veroney Frederick~~Mohd Azim Muhumian, Male Junior Team Kata, Silver
2, Deirdre A. David~~Aloha Dee George~~Emelda nanis, Female Team Kata, Silver
3, Callista Hana Hiew, Kumite Cadet -45kg, Silver
4, Lysandra Godfrey, Kumite Junior -48kg, Silver
5, Mahfudz Azeem, Kumite Under 21 -55kg, Silver[/table]

[table]NO, Athlete, Event, Medal
1, Farlin Veroney Frederick, Junior Individu Kata, Bronze
2, Nurhazerah binti Abd. Malek, Cadet Individu Kata, Bronze
3, Deirdre A. David, Junior Individu Kata, Bronze
4, Aloha Dee George, Kumite Cadet +54kg, Bronze
5, Emelda Nanis, Kumite Junior -59kg, Bronze
6, Mohd Azim Muhimian, Kumite Junior -61kg, Bronze
7, Abd Hakeem, Kumite Junior -68kg, Bronze
8, Nurul Shykira, Kumite Under 21 +60kg, Bronze
9, Hazwan Nafeez, Kumite Under 21 -60kg, Bronze
10, Mohd Azreen, Kumite Under 21 -60kg, Bronze[/table]

30th National Senior Karate Championship 2010

[table nl=”~~”]NO, Athlete, Event, Medal
1, Mohd Azreen Ag Hashim, Kumite -67kg, Silver
2, Danny Fredoline, Kumite -75kg, Silver
3, Danny Fredoline, Kumite Open, Silver
4, Azlina Nelson~~Ryana Chong~~Fiora Richard, Men Team Kumite~~Women Team Kata, Silver
5, Lisani Adzahari, Kumite +68kg, Silver
6, Sandracilla Endire, Women Team Kumite~~ Kumite -68kg, Silver[/table]

[table nl=”~~”]NO, Athlete, Event, Medal
1, Mohd Azuhansyah Ag Hashim, Individu Kata, Bronze
2, Farlin Frederick~~Alvin Anthony~~Hazwan Nafeez, Men Team Kata~~Bronze
3, Azlina Nelson, Individu Kata, Bronze
4, Charlene Lim Siew Ling, Kumite +68kg, Bronze
5, Norlinah Fredoline, Kumite -50kg, Bronze
6, Nur Syafida Arifin, Kumite -55kg, Bronze
7, Lim Sher Ching, Kumite -61kg, Bronze
8, Clarice Aik, Kumite -68kg, Bronze
9, Nur Syafida Arifin, Kumite Open, Bronze[/table]

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